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Get centered at the Core of Scottsville where
we're dedicated to nurturing well-being, fostering community, and promoting personal growth!

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Get Centered
at the core.

Discover a place to achieve the healthy and fit lifestyle you desire amidst community. Rooted in strong family values and believing we need to be our best self.

Not just a place to get fit, The Core of Scottsville desires to be the place your family comes to grow and thrive. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving our community with State Licensed child care, summer day camp, swim lessons, competitive swim team, various youth sports leagues, gymnastics, martial arts, a variety of fitness programs and much more!

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Meet the instructors

Keith Monge
Melissa Turner
Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Lindsey Boler
Resistance Trainer
Ashley Broughton
Personal Trainer

Client Review

One of my favorite places in Scottsville since I've moved here 3 years ago.  This is always a friendly, warm welcoming atmosphere.

- Trese Mason, Member
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As someone who goes everyday after school and say firsthand that it is the most welcoming and friendly gym, basketball court, pool, and more of any place I've ever been. I grew up playing basketball there and it's always been one of my favirote places in scottsville. They have all kinds of classes for fitness such as their most recent couch 2 5k class also they have Zoomba, body shock, cardio drumming, water arobics and many more.

- Jim Johns, Member
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Good place to get your aerobic, weight training, swimming all done. People have always been very nice.

- Richard Wallace, Member
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get centered
with the core

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