About Us

The Core’s Story

The Core began as a YMCA which opened in September, 2000. A group of volunteers and donors committed to improving the quality of life in Allen County joined forces to renovate and expand the old Allen County High School into a full recreational center. With the support of the Laura Goad Turner Charitable Foundation and many other cheerful givers, the current 40,000 sq.ft. facility was constructed under the oversight of the YMCA of Middle Tennessee and a local board of directors. The mission of the YMCA was to help people of all ages and income levels grow in spirit, mind and body.


In 2014, the YMCA was re-branded as “the Core”. Core- meaning “the most central and important part of something” was selected as a name because it represented the vision of the organization. We want to make a difference in the lives of people and in the community by supporting the values of fitness, family, faith and fellowship.


We seek to support residents of Allen County in their efforts to grow and thrive. Learn more about our facilities, location and history.

The Core’s History

The Core’s facility was originally Allen County High School opening in 1941. After the consolidation of Scottsville & Allen County Schools in the early 1970s, the facility continued serving Allen County as a middle school and primary center. In 1998, the Allen County Board of Education made the property available for the purpose of becoming a full facility YMCA. Today, the history of the facility and its strong connection to Allen County is still visible with the original inscriptions over the front entrance and the senior pictures of graduating classes lining the halls.


On Oct. 19, 2000, Steve Turner shared a vision for the facility during the official ribbon cutting ceremony. Today, those Core values of Fitness, Family, Faith and Fellowship are ever present.

The Core’s Staff


Executive Director

Ernie Stafford is the biggest supporter of the Allen County community. Ernie has spent many years in service to the community in the school system, and coaching many sports teams. He devotes his life to helping others, whether they ask for it or not. Ernie serves the community in many ways, and has helped many of Scottsville’s youth stay on a good path. Never afraid of hard work, Ernie will help with any projects, and supports his management staff with any event or need they have. The CORE benefits from his sense of purpose and his desire to help make an impact in the Scottsville community. Ernie is a graduate of Allen County High School.


Programs Coordinator, Wellness Manager, & Personal Trainer

Jay has always had a great passion to help the youth in this community. Jay was a member of WKU Men’s Basketball Team, so he brings his knowledge and a great work ethic to our youth programs. Jay spends a lot of energy to see that his job is done well and has a great desire to see the CORE grow in his hometown, and to be a positive force for Allen County’s youth. Jay Starks is a Western Kentucky University graduate and an Allen County Scottsville High School graduate.


Membership Coordinator

Sabrina has a lot of experience in recreation and has managed many facilities before coming to the CORE. Sabrina is always willing to go the extra mile to see that things are done correctly. Since joining the CORE team, she has helped our events grow and succeed, and has been a driving force in getting things accomplished. She brings good ideas and plans to the CORE, and was recently recognized as the 2018 Young Professional of the Year by the Kentucky Recreation and Parks Society. She is a Western Kentucky University graduate and an Edmonson County High School graduate.


Childcare Coordinator

Tiffanie brings many years of Childcare experience to the CORE’s childcare programs. Tiffanie brings great joy not only to the childcare kids but to everyone here at the Core. Tiffanie is extremely caring, and is always willing to handle tough situations with kindness and understanding. She is full of contagious energy and knows how to create a fun and safe environment for the kids. Tiffanie Vick is a Western Kentucky University graduate and Franklin-Simpson High School graduate.


Childcare Coordinator, Human Resource Coordinator

Rebekah Gardner has worked for the CORE since it was the YMCA of Scottsville & Allen County. She was hired in 1998 as a Human Resource Manager before the facility opened the doors. During her time at the CORE, Rebekah’s strong sense of purpose and ability to build consensus among other leaders helped strengthen the CORE community, and continues to support the CORE’s efforts. Rebekah’s leadership has been equally recognized by her peers and co-workers. Rebekah Gardner is a Western Kentucky University graduate and an Allen County High School graduate.


Aquatics Director, Sea Dragon Swim Coach, & Swimming Lesson Coordinator

Amy graduated from Allen County High School then went on to Florida Gulf Coast University, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry. Amy loves to weight train, coach the Sea Dragon Swim Team, hike, take photos, and spend time with her friends and family. Amy has been in the water all of her life. She was a swimmer growing up, and has been a swimming coach/instructor for the past 15 years! Amy is so excited to meet new people at the CORE and in the community. She also wants to create the best aquatic experience in and around Allen County.